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All Saints Home Health Care

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Home Care

Comprehensive Home Health Care Service

All Saints Home Health Care provides home health care service to people of all ages in Birmingham, Alabama, and throughout the state. Whether you need physical therapy, occupational therapy, or any number of other services, we're prepared to assist you. Many individuals find themselves discharged from the hospital or rehab but still in need of help. Rather than trying to do everything on your own, let us be the helping hand you need.

Having someone available at home to help can prevent further injury and allows our clients to focus on life. We'll focus on your medication and continued care, and we can even cook and clean for you, if required. We're available to help with speech therapy, occupational therapy, and various forms of medical social work wherever we're needed. If for any reason you find that you need to return to the hospital, then we can also continue to help you there.

Nurse Companion

Senior Care Service and More

Our many forms of therapy can be started immediately, but older individuals often require a more focused senior care service. We can readily provide a nurse if you are unable to keep medications down or otherwise need assistance. Our professionals skillfully administer many forms of tests and medications, including blood pressure medication, and we're pleased to offer many other services, including:

• Physical Therapy
• Speech Therapy
• Medical Social Work
• Medications
• Diabetes Assistance
• Eating Disorder Assistance
• Mental Illness Assistance
• Alzheimer's Assistance
• Dementia Assistance
• Nursing
• Companionship