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All Saints Home Health Care

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Child Care

Your Friendly Child Care Provider

All Saints Home Health Care in Birmingham, Alabama, provides inclusive in-home child care for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 13 years old. Our medically trained staff can capably work with children who have special needs or behavioral problems. You can count on us no matter the situation for your child. If you are uncomfortable with in-home child care, you can also bring your children right to us for daycare! Contact us today for further daycare details.

Staff & Child

Nurturing Child Care

Our child care experts prepare meals for our young charges, take them out for trips or programs, and are happy to provide 24-hour live-in care upon request. We're a babysitting organization that you can put your trust into. We focus on helping the children we care for grow and learn, teaching them everything from the alphabet and toilet training to other life lessons.

Providing a loving, nurturing, and safe environment is always our primary goal. You can depend on us for all your child care needs — we will keep your children clean, fed, and entertained, and if they require any form of behavioral management, we can help train and manage those needs. Our prices vary depending on the number of children you bring, but we will provide the same saintly service to all.